Women’s Wisdom – Forgive Yourself

How do you feel about forgiveness? It’s a word – like acceptance – thrown about, often alongside a cliché or two, about how we should learn to let go. But, in reality, it’s not that easy is it? When we talk about letting go, it feels like we’re excusing someone for what they did, when … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Forgive Yourself

Women’s Wisdom – Stop Apologising

Do you find you say sorry a lot? It’s a typically British thing. Surveys have shown we apologise at least eight times a day. We apologise for all sorts of things, like asking a question: ”Sorry, are you in the queue?” Or when someone bumps in to us, we apologise automatically as if it’s our … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Stop Apologising

Women’s Wisdom – Respect Yourself

How respected do you feel right now? You probably heard in the news last week that Aretha Franklin passed away. Whether you loved her music or not, her iconic 1967 song R.E.S.P.E.C.T set the tone for women who were raising their voices at the time. It’s difficult not to listen to it today without the … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Respect Yourself

Clothing Range Launched to Help Fundraise for Charity Supporting Women Escaping Domestic Abuse

Announcing the Helping You Sparkle™ online clothing range, offering motivational clothes and accessories to empower and inspire women. Within the Time to Rise™ Collection, you’ll find t-shirts inspired by quotes containing Women’s Wisdom from around the world, such as Brené Brown and Maya Angelou, with a percentage of the profits going to Women’s Aid, a … Continue reading Clothing Range Launched to Help Fundraise for Charity Supporting Women Escaping Domestic Abuse

Women’s Wisdom – Find Your Sunshine

What makes you happy? It’s not always easy to define these days.  We talk about happiness as a goal, but according to different schools of thought it’s actually a way of life. Which is all very well, if you know what you’re doing. If life is as it should be, and you feel like you … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Find Your Sunshine

Women’s Wisdom – Stand Together

What sets your soul on fire? I’m talking about those times when you feel: Passionate. Motivated. Alive. Like last week, when Sir Christopher Chope reportedly admitted he didn’t even know what the upskirting Bill was, but objected anyway. It felt important to stand up and stand together with women who recognise upskirting as a criminal … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Stand Together

Women’s Wisdom – Back to Centre

How centred are you feeling right now? If you feel balanced, like all your ducks are in a row, that’s great. But if, like a lot of people, something feels off-kilter you’re not alone. It might not be a big thing, but sometimes we get this feeling that something’s missing, or misaligned. We don’t feel … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Back to Centre