Women’s Wisdom – Stand Together

What sets your soul on fire? I’m talking about those times when you feel: Passionate. Motivated. Alive. Like last week, when Sir Christopher Chope reportedly admitted he didn’t even know what the upskirting Bill was, but objected anyway. It felt important to stand up and stand together with women who recognise upskirting as a criminal … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Stand Together

Women’s Wisdom – Four Questions

What goes through your mind when you meet someone new? According to this article, and my guru Maya Angelou, there are four questions we ask ourselves about each other on a subconscious level all the time: 1 Do you see me? 2 Do you care that I’m here? 3 Am I enough for you, or … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Four Questions

Women’s Wisdom – Pamper Yourself

When was the last time you pampered yourself? I’m not talking about a spa day (although they are fab). I’m talking about the moments you’ve taken in any day just to stop, unwind and reset. We tend to think of rest and relaxation as a waste of time; let’s be honest there’s always something to … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Pamper Yourself

The Serenity Self-Care Toolkit

If you’re a busy person, you probably find it difficult to find 10 minutes for yourself – and if you do, you probably feel guilty for it, as if you should have been doing something else with your time. We know the benefits of relaxation and self-care, but still we find it hard to make … Continue reading The Serenity Self-Care Toolkit

Women’s Wisdom – Make a promise to yourself

When was the last time you made a promise to yourself? At this month’s Serenity, that’s exactly what we did. We talked about self-care, what brings us joy (like perfume and warm baths) and what it takes to feel whole again. But it’s not easy. We feel guilty for treating ourselves. We put other’s needs before our … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Make a promise to yourself