Women’s Wisdom – Back to Centre

How centred are you feeling right now? If you feel balanced, like all your ducks are in a row, that’s great. But if, like a lot of people, something feels off-kilter you’re not alone. It might not be a big thing, but sometimes we get this feeling that something’s missing, or misaligned. We don’t feel … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Back to Centre

Women’s Wisdom – Rediscover the Wild

Have you felt stuck lately? Like you’re walking through treacle. One step forward and one step back. Or just like something is missing. In Women who Run With The Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estés talks about knowing when we’ve lost touch with the Wild Woman, that natural part of ourselves which strives to be who we … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Rediscover the Wild

Women’s Wisdom – The best is yet to come

Have you ever felt like someone’s made a fool of you? It’s a sucker punch. That moment you realise someone has betrayed or made a mug out of you. You feel sick. As if the rug has come out from under you. And deeply, deeply hurt. If you’re reading this and can relate, whether it … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – The best is yet to come

Women’s Wisdom – Four Questions

What goes through your mind when you meet someone new? According to this article, and my guru Maya Angelou, there are four questions we ask ourselves about each other on a subconscious level all the time: 1 Do you see me? 2 Do you care that I’m here? 3 Am I enough for you, or … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Four Questions

Women’s Wisdom – Know Your Role Model

Who do you admire? At the latest Serenity Gathering™ I asked the same question. We explored what it means to be authentic. True to yourself. Comfortable in your own skin. I also asked the question, who is your role model? Who do you look to for words of inspiration. Knowing who you admire and what … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Know Your Role Model

Women’s Wisdom – Be As You Are

What does it mean be yourself? We say it a lot don’t we? “Just be yourself”. But what does it actually mean? To know who you are. To know what you like. To connect with what it means to be you, just as you are. It’s one of the reasons, why I encourage the ‘Hello … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Be As You Are

Women’s Wisdom – Pamper Yourself

When was the last time you pampered yourself? I’m not talking about a spa day (although they are fab). I’m talking about the moments you’ve taken in any day just to stop, unwind and reset. We tend to think of rest and relaxation as a waste of time; let’s be honest there’s always something to … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Pamper Yourself