Women’s Wisdom – Know You’re Capable

Do you ever feel inadequate? You know, those days when you feel you’ve fallen short, either by someone else’s expectations, or your own. We all strive for perfection on some level, sometimes at different points in our lives. We all want to achieve / be the best of the best now and then. And there’s … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Know You’re Capable

Women’s Wisdom – Stand Together

What sets your soul on fire? I’m talking about those times when you feel: Passionate. Motivated. Alive. Like last week, when Sir Christopher Chope reportedly admitted he didn’t even know what the upskirting Bill was, but objected anyway. It felt important to stand up and stand together with women who recognise upskirting as a criminal … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Stand Together

Women’s Wisdom – Four Questions

What goes through your mind when you meet someone new? According to this article, and my guru Maya Angelou, there are four questions we ask ourselves about each other on a subconscious level all the time: 1 Do you see me? 2 Do you care that I’m here? 3 Am I enough for you, or … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Four Questions

Women’s Wisdom – Feel what you feel

What are you feeling today? Sometimes it’s hard to label an emotion. Because, well, feelings are complicated. Fear is often masked as anger. Sadness can feel like regret, or guilt. Anxiety can feel like you’re dying sometimes. And as women we feel everything deeply. Maybe there are time’s when there are no words that describe … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Feel what you feel

Women’s Wisdom – Raise Your Voice

How do you feel about raising your voice? As women, to be loud is seen as ‘un-lady-like”, so we shy away from it. We choose peace, over arguments. A quiet life over conflict. And we never opt for going to war, because well…that’s just daft. But being heard doesn’t actually mean being gobby. In today’s … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Raise Your Voice

Women’s Wisdom – Know where you’re going

Have you ever walked in to a room and forgotten what you went in for? You’re not alone. It might surprise you though to know it’s a sign of a busy mind, and the frantic world we live in. Everyone is busy. Everyone has places to be. We are always going somewhere. So much so, … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Know where you’re going

Women’s Wisdom – Pause

Have you ever felt like giving up? Throwing in the towel. Jacking it all in. Hiding under the duvet. There are times when life just doesn’t go our way. We want something, but we grow impatient. We give something our time and energy, but are still expected to give more. We constantly push at the … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Pause