Women’s Wisdom – Speak Kindly to Yourself

What word describes you today? I was reading through my Twitter feed this morning, and noticed a lady who had posted a picture of herself on her first day at a new job.  She looked stunning – but the first words in her tweet were “I know I look haggard”.  Her hair was neatly in … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Speak Kindly to Yourself

Women’s Wisdom – Know You’re Capable

Do you ever feel inadequate? You know, those days when you feel you’ve fallen short, either by someone else’s expectations, or your own. We all strive for perfection on some level, sometimes at different points in our lives. We all want to achieve / be the best of the best now and then. And there’s … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Know You’re Capable

Women’s Wisdom – Forgive Yourself

How do you feel about forgiveness? It’s a word – like acceptance – thrown about, often alongside a cliché or two, about how we should learn to let go. But, in reality, it’s not that easy is it? When we talk about letting go, it feels like we’re excusing someone for what they did, when … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Forgive Yourself

Women’s Wisdom – Stop Apologising

Do you find you say sorry a lot? It’s a typically British thing. Surveys have shown we apologise at least eight times a day. We apologise for all sorts of things, like asking a question: ”Sorry, are you in the queue?” Or when someone bumps in to us, we apologise automatically as if it’s our … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Stop Apologising

Women’s Wisdom – Raise Your Voice

How do you feel about raising your voice? As women, to be loud is seen as ‘un-lady-like”, so we shy away from it. We choose peace, over arguments. A quiet life over conflict. And we never opt for going to war, because well…that’s just daft. But being heard doesn’t actually mean being gobby. In today’s … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Raise Your Voice