Women’s Wisdom – Know Your Brain

How well do you know your brain? For a long time, women have been treated anatomically in the same way as men, with the obvious exception of our reproductive organs.  But since the 1990’s, research has started to show that women are fundamentally different in ways that really matter.  For example, the part that deals … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Know Your Brain

Online Resources Available to Buy

If you can’t make it to a Serenity Gathering™ you might like some of these carefully prepared resources and services available to purchase and access online, designed to help you rest and get your sparkle back. These include: Click here for The Serenity Self-Care Toolkit – This pack is available to purchase via my Women … Continue reading Online Resources Available to Buy

Women’s Wisdom – Be As You Are

What does it mean be yourself? We say it a lot don’t we? “Just be yourself”. But what does it actually mean? To know who you are. To know what you like. To connect with what it means to be you, just as you are. It’s one of the reasons, why I encourage the ‘Hello … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Be As You Are

Women’s Wisdom – Know where you’re going

Have you ever walked in to a room and forgotten what you went in for? You’re not alone. It might surprise you though to know it’s a sign of a busy mind, and the frantic world we live in. Everyone is busy. Everyone has places to be. We are always going somewhere. So much so, … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Know where you’re going

Women’s Wisdom – Pause

Have you ever felt like giving up? Throwing in the towel. Jacking it all in. Hiding under the duvet. There are times when life just doesn’t go our way. We want something, but we grow impatient. We give something our time and energy, but are still expected to give more. We constantly push at the … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Pause

Women’s Wisdom – Release Perfection

Do you ever feel like a fraud? That, somehow, you’re fooling everyone into thinking you have it all together. Through fear that, if we show the outside world we’re not perfect, they’ll walk away. That, really, you’re paddling like fury to stay afloat. When Jane Fonda was a young girl she found herself grieving for … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Release Perfection

Women’s Wisdom – Treat Yourself

When was the last time you treated yourself? It’s a genuine question. So often, we sacrifice our own needs to make sure everyone else is happy. We go without. We take the leftovers. And we put on a brave face. But what if, just for today, you treated yourself: what would you do? It doesn’t … Continue reading Women’s Wisdom – Treat Yourself