Women’s Wisdom – Know Your Brain

How well do you know your brain?

For a long time, women have been treated anatomically in the same way as men, with the obvious exception of our reproductive organs.  But since the 1990’s, research has started to show that women are fundamentally different in ways that really matter. 

For example, the part that deals with emotion and memory is larger in the female brain. It’s suggested  this is one of the reasons we not only express emotion more, but remember the fine details of emotional events, according to Dr Louann Brizendine. 

This matters because what the research also shows is that our priorities change moment to moment. Whereas our male friends are generally focused on one thing (the science shows the part of the brain that deals with sex drive is two and a half times larger than ours…), our focus shifts depending literally on what time of the month it is, (even potenitally after the menopause). 

So the next time you wonder why your mood is shifting, your focus has changed or you’ve simply changed your mind since yesterday, you can take some of the pressure off, knowing that’s part of how your brain may work. And the good news is, if you don’t like the way it works, you can potentially train your brain to behave differently, once you recognise what it’s up to.

Spend some time getting to know your brain, and charting your cycle (your hormones of course, influenced by the function of the brain). See if you can notice patterns in the way you function.  Do you feel tired on Day 1, but feisty by day 14? Being able to predict your mood can help you manage your time – and energy – better.  

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