Women’s Wisdom – Who You Are is Enough

Do you ever feel like nothing you do is ever good enough? And that even good enough isn’t enough for some people?

There’s always someone ready to point out a mistake.  A dig. A poke. A swipe. 

It’s easy, when this happens, to think you’re falling short. That you’ve failed. That you just don’t measure up. 

But let me tell you something: nothing has to be perfect – not work, relationships, life. All it ever needs to be is enough, and that includes you – by your standards, and when you’re being kind to yourself.

In a world that takes a pop at women because they don’t wear make up, do wear leggings or do or don’t breastfeed, it’s natural to feel like sometimes you just. can’t. win.  But you are a winner at life every day (even when you feel you’re not).

Because, well, you’re beautiful. You’re here. And you bring something to the world just by being in it.

So, for now, I’ll leave you with this song by Jess Glynn called Thursday to play and listen to the words. 

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©️ Copyright Delphi Ellis 2018


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