Women’s Wisdom – Give Up Your Shoulds

1st November is officially “Give Up Your Shoulds Day” – true story. It’s a day when we are encouraged to stop telling ourselves what we should be doing, saying or wearing and just being who we are. 

It’s not easy. Women are programmed from birth to be acutely aware of what other people want. To be there for others. To be the best we can be.  To listen to the advice of our elders, even our peers, if it puts them ahead of what we need or want.  It doesn’t have to be that way. 

Today (and every day) set aside the ideals of others and try to get comfortable with being  who you are. Let go of the high expectations of others – and yourself –  and society’s view  that to be a “good girl” you have to conform with what everyone else thinks. 

P.s It’s not something you should do, just something that might help you sparkle

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©️ Delphi Ellis


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