Women’s Wisdom – Know You’re Capable

Do you ever feel inadequate?

You know, those days when you feel you’ve fallen short, either by someone else’s expectations, or your own.

We all strive for perfection on some level, sometimes at different points in our lives. We all want to achieve / be the best of the best now and then. And there’s nothing wrong with aiming high, especially when we’re working on our own positive agenda.

But when other people try to force their agenda on us, they do this simply to keep the structure of their world safe – they insist we do what they do, and like what they like so that they stay “okay”. Like whether we “should” breastfeed, or be a stay at home mum. Whether women “should” have tattoos, be single, have short hair or wear trousers. (I know you know what I mean).

So the key is this: remind yourself that you’re alright as you are. That even on your not-so-best days, you’re doing the best you can. That you are more capable than you believe and stronger than you think. You can be yourself whenever you’re ready.

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©️ Delphi Ellis 2018


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