Women’s Wisdom – Stop Apologising

Do you find you say sorry a lot?

It’s a typically British thing. Surveys have shown we apologise at least eight times a day.

We apologise for all sorts of things, like asking a question:

Sorry, are you in the queue?”

Or when someone bumps in to us, we apologise automatically as if it’s our fault.

It’s okay to apologise, and it’s fine to sorry when we mean it. But one thing we should never apologise for is for being ourselves.

There’s an important thing about being as you are, and that is that it’s absolutely fine to change your mind – just because you’ve made your bed, you don’t have to lie in it. You can always make it again.

So just because we’ve made a commitment to go out, or have a change of heart on something, we don’t have to apologise for moving our own goalposts. Because, well, things change.

We grow. We take steps forward and back. Time flows forward, even when we are stuck. So just remember that wherever you are in life, you have nothing to apologise for if it means you were true to yourself.

Instead of saying “Sorry, are you in the queue?” – replace sorry with “hi”. If you have to cancel plans, just say somehing’s come up, without feeling the need to explain.

You can be you, without ever apologising for that, even if being who you are – and what you think – changes every day.

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©️ Delphi Ellis


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