Women’s Wisdom – Respect Yourself

How respected do you feel right now?

You probably heard in the news last week that Aretha Franklin passed away. Whether you loved her music or not, her iconic 1967 song R.E.S.P.E.C.T set the tone for women who were raising their voices at the time. It’s difficult not to listen to it today without the energy and passion she put in to it.

Although some things have changed for women since the 60’s, a lot still hasn’t. Women are still finding it difficult to assert their needs and wants for fear of being seen as bossy or loud-mouthed – because we don’t associate these with feminine traits.

What does it mean to be feminine? It doesn’t mean we have to hate men. It doesn’t mean we want to be more important than men. But to be equal to men suggests that men are the blueprint – that being like men is the only way to be. That we should seek to be the same as them, and nothing more. That we should deny the very things that make us feel like a natural woman.

Define your blueprint: how you want to be treated and how can you make that possible. Talk to like-minded people, meditate on the possibilities.

Respect yourself enough to put your needs as a priority.

Respect yourself enough to say “I deserve better.”

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©️ Delphi Ellis 2018


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