Women’s Wisdom – Stand Together

What sets your soul on fire?

I’m talking about those times when you feel:




Like last week, when Sir Christopher Chope reportedly admitted he didn’t even know what the upskirting Bill was, but objected anyway. It felt important to stand up and stand together with women who recognise upskirting as a criminal offence. Like the woman who tied knicker bunting to his office railings and said “No one should be able to photo my pants unless I want them to.” (Chope has since clarified what he meant when he “objected” and he’s on board in getting the Bill through Parliament).

We get fired up about things that matter, especially when it comes to things that affect women. Because we understand.

We know what it’s like to be talked over, interrupted and ignored.

We’ve been told all our lives to be good girls.

To be seen and not heard.

Told we’re bossy when actually we are just asserting our needs.

But things are changing.

We are Wild Women. We are free. And women who understand each other, come together and stand together.

So on the days you feel passionate, motivated and alive – and wonder if you have the right to be heard – take a deep breath and remember: your opinion matters.

What you say matters.

You matter.

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Copyright Delphi Ellis


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