Women’s Wisdom – Know Your Role Model

Who do you admire?

At the latest Serenity Gathering™ I asked the same question.

We explored what it means to be authentic.

True to yourself.

Comfortable in your own skin.

I also asked the question, who is your role model? Who do you look to for words of inspiration. Knowing who you admire and what values they represent, can help you get to the heart of who you are and what you want.

I LOVE Maya Angelou. For me, she embodies what it means to be humble, to show courage and wisdom through vulnerability, and absolute authenticity. These are the qualities I try to bring into my work every single day.

Here’s something to try:

Spend a few moments thinking about who you look up to and admire. Then write three words that describe the qualities that stand out most. Then, see how you can bring each of these in to your daily life.

To help, I’ve also created a resources pack for just £10, for May, to accompany the theme, which includes:

• A guided meditation to help you discover your authentic self

• An Activity Sheet to help you discover your values

• An action plan template

• Quote Cards to save or print

To purchase the pack just click here. (Only available 1st June 2018).

For expanded insights straight to your inbox click here

Copyright Delphi Ellis


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