Women’s Wisdom – Be As You Are

What does it mean be yourself?

We say it a lot don’t we? “Just be yourself”. But what does it actually mean?

To know who you are.

To know what you like.

To connect with what it means to be you, just as you are.

It’s one of the reasons, why I encourage the ‘Hello Me’ activity.

The idea is to take a piece of paper, and put “Hello Me” in the middle of the sheet. and focus on who you feel you are or where you want to be.

What you do well, what you enjoy.

What motivates you, what lifts your spirits, what makes your heart sing – what gets your motor running? Think back to a time when you enjoyed something – what was it about that? And let the words flow.

(It can be helpful to do this with a friend, as sometimes they know us better than we know ourselves).

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Copyright Delphi Ellis


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