Women’s Wisdom – Learn to say no

What would it be like to feel powerful?

I don’t mean in a global super power or an evil villain sort of way.

I mean, to know that you have the absolute right to say no.

Without justifying yourself.

Without guilt.

To just say ‘no’, and that’s it.

At the Serenity Extended morning retreat, we talked a lot about power. We explored what stops us speaking our truth and gave ourselves a permission slip to drop the shame associated with it.

To feel comfortable to sit in our own power.

(You can purchase the accompanying resources pack, including an activity sheet on learning to say no, here).

People won’t like it. They’ll get nervous in the presence of your power. They’ll say you’ve changed. They’ll say you’re “not you” anymore. But what they mean is, you’re not living life their way.

You can handle it.

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Copyright Delphi Ellis


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