Women’s Wisdom – Release Perfection

Do you ever feel like a fraud?

That, somehow, you’re fooling everyone into thinking you have it all together.

Through fear that, if we show the outside world we’re not perfect, they’ll walk away.

That, really, you’re paddling like fury to stay afloat.

When Jane Fonda was a young girl she found herself grieving for the person she wanted to be, because society was telling her what she should – and shouldn’t – look like, be and do. It took a special moment, wiith a famous actress at the time, for her to realise that each of us brings our own, unique presence to the party of life (You can watch a snippet of that moment as she describes it in the video below).

You see, you don’t have to be perfect. You just have to be you. To find things which complete you. To know that you’re not alone. To spend time in good company.

So, if you can relate, reach out. Send a message to a friend and arrange a girlie catch up. Put the world to rights and let it all hang out.

You’re not alone.

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Copyright Delphi Ellis


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