Women’s Wisdom – Facing the Mirror

When you look in the mirror what do you see?

In this day and age, we use the mirror to highlight imperfection – to find flaws so we can fix them.

We adjust our hair, pluck those unwanted hairs. I joked with the ladies at this month’s Serenity that even my mum once said she looked in the mirror and it reminded her to get the chicken out.

How often do we really see the face that’s looking back at us?

Often, we try not to look too hard.

The mirror reminds us of the life we’ve lived, our face the map of where our heart has been. We might not want to be reminded of that journey, or it may be that to look in the mirror means to meet ourselves for the very first time.

Imagine the woman in the mirror is your friend. What would she say to you today? A friend will tell you you’re beautiful (obvs).

But she would also tell you, you’ve survived.

You have a right to be here.

To be heard.

She would tell you you’re doing just fine.

It’s why the free gift for Serenity subscribers to access online this month, is a self-care calendar. Each day there’s a positive message, a self-care strategy or top tip to help. Click here to sign up.

You might also like the Self-Care Resources Pack – to find out more click here – or details of your next Serenity Gathering.

Copyright Delphi Ellis


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