Wednesday Wisdom – You are enough

In this week’s Monday Mojo, I talked about the importance of nourishing yourself, not punishing yourself. Because, the truth is, as women, we beat ourselves up. A lot.

Some of this comes from the belief that we have to be there for everyone else. That our own needs aren’t as important. That we should sacrifice what we need, so that other people are happy.

But then one day we wake up and wonder what it’s all for. Because no matter how hard we try, some people are just never happy. You ever noticed that?

The shift comes when we realise that we have a right to be heard. To stand up and be counted. To have our own needs met. But it starts with loving ourselves. Even if, as Elizabeth Gilbert so beautifully said, it means embracing the glorious mess that we are. In knowing that you are enough.

Self-love isn’t easy, I know. Especially if you’ve spent a long time under valuing the wonderful gifts that you already bring to the party of life. But it can start with realising what you want to keep and what you want to let go. That’s why in the Awakening resources pack, there is a guided meditation and worksheet to help with just that. It’s still available for the special offer price of just £5. Click here to find out more.

Nourishing yourself is possible, and you’re worth the effort.

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