About Women in Serenity

Women in Serenity™ is part of the Helping You Sparkle™ portfolio which provides services promoting positive mental health, focused on rest and relaxation, exclusively for busy women.

As women, we know what it’s like to try and be all things to all people.  To be there for others, but so much so, it often means our own needs aren’t met.

You can’t pour from an empty cup.  In order to be there for others, you have to be look after yourself.  But when we do try to rest, wow, don’t we feel guilty?  When we sit down for five minutes, we think about all the things we should be doing. Self-care feels, well…self-indulgent.  I hear you.

I’m Delphi Ellis, a qualified Therapist and mental health and wellbeing trainer.  I’ve worked in a therapeutic setting for over 15 years, helping clients find their way forward after a difficult time in their lives.  I am also a Women’s Health and Mindfulness Practitioner, blending the art of mindfulness with understanding what it’s like to be a busy women in the 21st Century, trying to find ways to manage stress, be assertive whilst maintaining our natural grace and intuition. (You can find out more about me here).

I came up with the idea for Serenity when so many women I worked with said they didn’t have time to rest.  The Serenity Gatherings™ are themed events which have an accompanying resources pack that you can purchase separately.  So if you’re not local, or don’t have time to attend the face to face events, you can still make time for yourself in the privacy of your own home.  Each pack is deliberately designed to be straightforward, easy to use without taking up too much of your valuable time.  I also offer retreats, if you are able to carve time out of your busy schedule.

Through these pages, you’ll also find articles focused on women’s health, along with top tips, insights and links you may find of interest: to help you drop the guilt, make your health a priority, and find time for you.  You can also “like” Serenity on Facebook,  Twitter or take a look at the video below.

To subscribe to the Serenity newsletter containing top tips, information about forthcoming events, along with access to free resources including the eGuide “Finding Serenity” click here.

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Copyright Delphi Ellis 2018


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